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Ooga Booga

We radical right-wing fundamentalist Christian creationist gay-bashers are verrry scarrry! And we’ve got the rest of America shaking in its boots!

Just look! These Defcon guys want to foil our evil plans for “achieving absolute power over all branches of government and breaking all the rules to get it.” And they want to keep us from “preventing scientific advancements in the fight against Parkinson’s, diabetes and cancer.” And of course, they also intend to battle us in our efforts to “replac(e) scientific knowledge with religious ideology in the classroom.”

Rats! And I’m really such a big fan of Parkinson’s, diabetes, and cancer. And I don’t know how much longer I can take all that science stuff in the classrooms.

Hat tip: Vodkapundit, who thinks Defcon “could be a worthy effort.” Right. And maybe somebody can explain to me the difference between this hyperventilating group and, say, People for the American Way?

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