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No, really. He’s a college president

The President of Swarthmore and his commencement address. I almost don’t know what to say. Other than I agree with Jonah at the Corner, who says: “See if you can find all of the clichĂ©s, non-sequiturs, and bad arguments here.”

Here’s a taste:

Today, moralistic absolutism powers radical Islamic fundamentalism and North Korea’s paranoid self-reliance and is on the rise again in this nation in the troubling form of a cluster of unexamined moralistic concepts including “the sanctity of life,” “liberty above all,” “axis of evil,” “anti-affirmative action,” “intelligent design,” and “family values,” which are exerting increasing influence on American social attitudes, scientific and legal practice, and domestic and foreign policy.

Chock full o’good stuff. Anti-affirmative action is a “moralistic absolute” on par with North Koreans and those guys who rammed the Pentagon and WTC (but I guess affirmative action isn’t).

And intelligent design? A “moralistic absolute?”

Read the rest.

What? Want more? OK, check this out:

With that context of supportive human connection established, the way then opens to invite the other to reflect on contradictions between the implications of the absolutes, to which he or she subscribes, and the complexity and richness of her or his own moral logic and intuitions.

Right back atcha, Dr. Bloom.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this sort of thing anymore, but I’m still stunned at this sort of nonsense coming from somebody who should know better.

2 Responses to “No, really. He’s a college president”

  1. Robert Says:

    It’s always amusing when people come out and basically say that moral absolutes are “bad”. I’m sorry, what do you mean by “bad”? For that matter, what do you mean by “contradictions”? Contradictions can only happen in the context of a concept of absolute true or false, last I checked.

    “The sanctity of life” is an “unexamined moralistic concept”? Is Pres. Bloom that ignorant of thousands of years of philosophical writing on this idea?

    I get really worried about American higher ed sometimes.

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