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“Any Way You Like It”

Wonder where this one’s going? I’ll let the Smartest Man in Asheville tell you:

Two years of research and $200,000 later, Asheville has a new slogan.

Yes, that was it. Up there in the title. “Any…Way…You…Like…It”

It just screams “Asheville, NC,” doesn’t it? Well, if you’ve never been here, you might not realize that it’s actually pretty appropriate:

Not that Asheville isn’t filled up with plenty of fun-loving dudes and dudettes already. They are already doing it Any Way They Like It. All over the place. Trouble is, for most of them, this means not working. Ergo, none of them are spending. And we need spenders folks.

But by golly, we’ve got incredible surrounding natural beauty. And we mean to squeeze all the cash we can out of it (in the greenest, sensitive, PC and most gender neutral way of course).

I invite you to read the whole thing. Mark writes some great stuff.

By the way, for $40K, I have a shorter slogan they could use and still capture the same sentiment: “Whatever.”

One Response to ““Any Way You Like It””

  1. Robert Says:

    It’s just incredible what you can spend so much time and money on, and come up with nothing. Granted, “Land of Sky” is kind of dumb, but I bet at least it was inexpensive.

    Too bad, because Asheville is really one of our favorite places to vacation.

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