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Homecoming and Alumni Band

Made the annual pilgrimage to Tallahassee this weekend for FSU’s homecoming game (this year the ‘Noles pulled it out at the last minute to beat Maryland 35-27).

I’ve been going now for the past four years to play trombone in the FSU Marching Band Alumni during pre-game festivities. It’s almost worth it just to be on the field so I can watch the Marching Chiefs emerge from the endzone tunnel and pour out onto the field. Still makes me all goosebumpy (nostalgia is a wonderful thing — you get to remember all the cool parts of being in the band without having to recall all the hard work that went into being a Chief).

Some interesting tidbits concerning the trombone players in the alumni band and the Marching Chiefs:

  • One alum was from the class of 1950 (!!!).
  • Two of the guys I played with in the late 70s have sons who are currently playing trombone in the Chiefs
  • The grandson of the woman who taught me to play trombone is currently a trombone player in the Chiefs. His dad was my college roommate one year and we attended school together from the 5th grade through college.

Here’s a pic of the alumni band in action during the pre-game show (I’m in the second row, third from the right– good luck trying to find me!).

FSU Alumni Band

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