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David French: Celebrating Veteran’s Day His Own Way

David French, President of FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) is stepping down:

I have recently decided to leave both FIRE and Philadelphia to return to law practice in my wife’s home state of Tennessee. I will continue to serve as an active member of FIRE’s Legal Network, as I have since its inception, and I have also taken steps to enlist in the United States Army Reserve as a Judge Advocate General officer. I intend to join the Army Reserve for the same reason I joined FIRE’s Legal Network and then its full-time staff: to defend the freedoms for which millions have fought, bled, and died.

My views on foreign policy are of course my own, not FIRE’s. But this is a personal message from me, and so I feel I should explain what may seem a puzzling decision. In short, I have come to believe that during a struggle that I see as vitally important, I have a duty to serve my country as members of my family have since the Revolution.

How incredibly cool is this? He sent this message to FIRE supporters on November 11!. I’m sure he didn’t plan for his message to coincide with Veteran’s Day, but the convergence is entirely appropriate. Through his words and his intentions, David has reached the heart of what this day is all about.

As I told him in my reply this morning, he will be sorely missed. But as he noted, he’s just trading in one means of defending freedom for another.

Godspeed, David. You are a true patriot.

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