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Spokesmen for the Right

I expected better from US News & World Report. In their current issue (November 14), under Washington Whispers, they inform us of the following:

Sen. John McCain is taking action to make it hard for conservatives to write him off in the 2008 presidential race. His office confirms that the maverick moderate recently met with the Rev. Jerry Falwell, a conservative icon who is influential with voters on the right.
(emphasis mine)

Those of you on the right — raise your hand if you’re influenced by Jerry Falwell. No? I thought not. I’d say that USN&WR is about twenty years behind the times. Are they really this clueless about who matters to whom on the right-hand side of the political spectrum? How disappointing.

On a somewhat related note, we get the following from Jonah Goldberg at The Corner. He was commenting on Pat Robertson’s announcement of God’s wrath against the good folks of Dover, PA, “because of their decision to vote out the pro-ID school board.”

Key comment from Jonah:

if the sincere IDers want to be taken at their word that this is a scientific enterprise rather than a sophisticated form of backdoor creationism, you really should make an effort to tell Robertson to shut up.

Since when does Jonah think that Robertson would actually listen to someone else? What exactly does he expect IDers to do? And does this mean that Jonah is then obligated to tell anyone who makes a nutty comment supporting something he agrees with to likewise shut up?

Just like Falwell, Robertson is really pretty inconsequential on the national scene (a point that, to be fair, Jonah and some of his emailing readers assert as well, making Jonah’s sentiment even more difficult to understand).

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