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Purple Finger for Freedom

I like this idea.

With all the bad news we seem to hear about Iraq, we need to be reminded that they are about to have their third (third!) election in less than a year. Click here to see how you can show your support for the Iraqi people next week.

Purple Finger of Freedom

(Thanks to John Noonan at The Officers’ Club)

One Response to “Purple Finger for Freedom”

  1. Jim M Says:

    I thought you guys would love this. Because of the events in Iraq this week I thought this was great! I saw a pretty cool website Thepurplefinger.org They are selling t-shirts and posters and donating proceeds to veterans charities. The phrase on the items support the Iraqi people and the troops by stating “Give Terrorism the Finger!” Very appropriate. I’m spreading the word.

    Thought you might like to know!


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