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Why Am I Not Excited?

I have subscribed to several Christianity Today email newsletters, including one on Christian parenting (I think it’s called Parenting Connection).

Friday, I received an email from the Parenting Connection folks entitled, “Exciting Changes for You at Christian Parenting Today”

Dear Parents,
In your next e-mail newsletter from ChristianParentingToday.com, you will find some exciting changes, including a brand new look, fresh, inspiring content, and a new name. Your biweekly Parenting Connection e-mail newsletter will become MOMSense, the online companion of MOMSense magazine, published by Christianity Today International in partnership with Mothers of Preschoolers International. Also, the name of our website will change from ChristianParentingToday.com to www.momsense.com.

Yeah, Parenting Connection to MOMSense. That’s what I’d call a non-trivial name change.

OK, I’m the first to admit that I don’t get a chance to read even half the newsletters I sign up for, this one included. But it now sounds like I’m no longer the target audience for this newsletter.

I’m not even complaining about being ignored, since, as I indicated, I’ve been ignoring them. But don’t you think it would make sense to at least indicate the reasons for making such a fundamental switch in target audience?

We are teased that in the first new e-newsletter, we’ll learn more details, and maybe that will include why they made the change, but that’ll be too late for half their audience, I bet.

Don’t ask me why I making such a fuss over an e-newsletter I’ve hardly even read. The muse strikes me in strange ways sometimes.

3 Responses to “Why Am I Not Excited?”

  1. Robert Says:

    There appears to be an unstated assumption that the only people who are remotely interested in reading about parenting — perhaps interested in parenting at all– are mothers. Dads must be too busy hunting or gathering or golfing or something to be bothered. We see that in our household with some of the magazines we get, particularly one entitled Parenting but which is subtitled “What Really Matters to Moms” (emphasis mine).

    There is something troublesome in this, I guess because lots of us Dads are intensely interested in becoming better parents, but the culture around us teaches that dads are goofy, incompetent, and detached (just look at any five TV commercials that portray husbands and/or dads and see if more than two of them portray us otherwise).

    This kind of thing is actually why Daniel and I created Daddyspeak (http://www.daddyspeak.com), if you don’t mind me dropping my own weblog here.

  2. DaddySpeak Says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Take a look at the masthead for Parenting magazine:

    Hmm.. that subtitle has me wondering… does anything really matter to dads? Or does Parenting magazine just think that dads don’t really matter? (I note too that their website has a b…

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