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Three-way, four-way, what’s the difference?

I forgot to mention a discovery I made yesterday while teaching Theory of Computation. yesterday. I was introducing the concept of a finite state machine to my students by modeling the states of a three-way bulb. You know: click - 50W - click - 100W - click - 150W - click - off and so on. I’ve done this many times, but for the first time, I realized (maybe you’d already thought of this) that it’s really not a three-way bulb; it’s a four-way bulb. It’s modeled with a four state (off, 50,100,150) finite state machine.

Remember the next time you’re hunting for light bulbs that “three-way” is a misnomer.

One Response to “Three-way, four-way, what’s the difference?”

  1. Ron Says:

    I’ve used the illustration of a typical switch, a 3 way switch, a 4 way switch, Daytime running lights (or) and a neutral safety switch (not).

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