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IEEE Education Society’s Distinguished Lecture Series - Professor Burks Oakley II

Every so often, the IEEE* Education Society has an online Distinguished Lecture Series. Usually there are several online presentations and an accompanying ongoing question and answer session. The first series for 2006 is one that may be of interest to readers of this blog, as it concerns among other things, blogging. Here’s the message from Rob Reilly, who coordinates these things:

Burks Oakley II, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of U of Illinois Online at the University of Illinois USA, will be the next Online Distinguished Lecturer. His presentation will begin in mid-January. I will send a more specific date in early-January.

Burks’ presentation will be one continuous presentation with 4 individual presentations on:


The plan is that each presentation will be PowerPoint with voice-over, and will run in a browser. We expect that each presentation will last 15-20 minutes. As always, questions may be submitted at any time, or during the Q&A session at the end of each session.

You do not have to be a member of the IEEE or the Education Society to participate. You can view the overview here.

I told Rob I’d like to advertise it on the blog. Here was his reply:

There is a registration mechanism. But that is only to add people to the mailing list that provides info and updates during the presentation. To register send email to:


no ‘Subject:’ is needed, and in the body of the email message place this:

subscribe edsoc your_name

of course “your_name” would be your real name.

So join in, if you’d like.
*Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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