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Problems with Sitemeter?

Sitemeter tells me I had three visits last week (starting on the 8th and ending on the 14th). Does that seem right to you? I count four different individuals who commented this week, and I know some of them visited more than once. Furthermore, I sometimes go to the site myself to see if everything looks OK, and my wife visits often as well. What’s more, sitemeter claims that allof the visits were either last Sunday or yesterday (Saturday). That’s just bogus!

Has anyone else had any trouble with Sitemeter?

Problem solved! You have to put Sitemeter’s code in the sidebar template of your theme files. Since I added some themes and allow theme switching, I needed to add the code to each theme. That is now done.

One Response to “Problems with Sitemeter?”

  1. Robert Says:

    Daddyspeak has registered zero hits for the last few weeks, which is impossible since we have more than zero comments in that time. I’d been meaning to go check it out, but it seems like your discovery will work for us too.

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