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Skipping Recess?

Edwonk reports on this recess controversy:

A Central Texas mom is mad at her son’s school for not letting his fourth grade class out to recess.

“I’m really concerned no only for my son, but also for the other kids who don’t have recess,” says Lina Abad. She says her 9-year-old is hyper-active and not having recess only makes him get into trouble.

I mean, really, where else besides recess are kids going to learn those important socialization skills that we hear homeschoolers lack? Skills like dealing with bullies, responding to being made fun of, or handling peer pressure.

No. Wait. That’s not what they’re doing during recess. Read on:

Experts say recess actually helps promote learning, by giving an outlet to digest all the information.

Aahh! I see. While they’re outside chasing each other around, they’re saying to themselves things like, “that long division is really starting to sink in,” or “I wonder if I got my noun-verb agreement right when I said I wanted to play on the jungle gym.”

OK. Maybe that’s all a bit harsh, but it is interesting to look at it from a homeschooler’s perspective. Still, as I said in the comments at Edwonk’s post, I wonder if this (the absolute need for recess) is an indicator that the current public education model is broken.

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