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High School Musical

The buzz at the Luginbuhl household? It’s all about High School Musical. We’re big fans!

What can I say? Must be the Start of Something New.

(Inside joke - you gotta see the movie to understand)

One Response to “High School Musical”

  1. Zac Says:

    High School Musical may be THE best Disney movie ever created! I’ve seen it well over 10 times and we bought Disney on Demand just to watch it whenever we want! Our school was going to have the Middle School’s spring musical be HIgh School Musical (Because our ENTIRE, im talking K-9th grade, are CRAZILY obsessed with this movie! **I dont blame them**) But because of legal rights, we cannot do the musical, o well! It is an amazing movie, and it most certaintly IS “The start of something new”


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