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Joe Comer

A friend of mine, a man whom I have never actually met, is dying. His name is Joe Comer, and we both started blogging at about the same time over at The Daily Brief. I could say more, but a fellow Daily Briefer, AProudVeteran, has a much better tribute, one she originally posted at her own blog and then re-posted at TDB. You can read it here, but APV has allowed me to quote her extensively:

Joe Comer is a retired AF member, vietnam vet, and devout Christian. He’s also a ham radio operator, and spent a few weeks in MS last summer helping with the aftermath of Katrina. He loves to fly (has his own small plane), and loves to share his thoughts on the internet. That’s how I met him. He was a regular contributor to a milblog I’m part of, The Daily Brief . He also had his own blog at http://patriotflyer.blogspot.com/

It was thanks to a post on TDB that I learned of his current precarious status. My friend Joe had a massive stroke, and is in hospice care. My immediate response was tears, and a prayer for his family.

For all that he’s a crusty old country boy, Joe has a heart of gold, and one of the sweetest emails I’ve ever gotten in my life was from him last spring/summer, where he told me that he and his wife (Nurse Jenny, as he calls her online) considered me to be another daughter, even though we’d never met.

When I was driving back from FL last sept, we intended to meet, but he was enroute to Atlanta to buy more ham radio equipment the day I passed within 20 miles of his home, and we just never connected.

And now he’s in hospice, which means he’s just waiting to hear those magic words: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.? and I find that everytime I think about it, I’m crying for the loss of a man I’ve never met, that I’ve only known as words on a computer screen, but who somehow was able to send compassion and caring across the void we call cyberspace, and touch another person’s heart.

Godspeed, Joe. Vaya con Dios.

Please link your heart with mine, and say a prayer for Joe and his family, and his cyberfriends. Thanks.

It’s odd, really, how sad I am about this.  It says a lot about the power of blogs to bring us together.

I’ll add my request to APV’s: please pray for Joe and for Jenny.

3 Responses to “Joe Comer”

  1. A Proud Veteran Says:


    If you’ve not heard yet, Joe’s gone home. 10:00am EST Wed, 3/1/06.



  2. Sheri Caruso Says:

    I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and kind words regarding my Dad; Joseph Comer Sr.

    There are no words to express how much you have touched our family’s hearts.

    Thank you again

    Daddy’s Little Girl

  3. David Says:


    Our condolences to you and your family. We are glad to have been a small part of his life.


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