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A new solution for the reluctant writer

You may recall that we were looking for ways to encourage our daughter to write. I may have stumbled onto a new approach that combines creative writing with the spelling theme of the week.

I proposed at the beginning of the week that together, she and I write a story, using our spelling words for the week. She would write a few sentences, then I would write a few sentences. We were each required to use all the spelling words.

Here’s our first attempt (yes, yes, we know there are continuity issues). See if you can guess: (1) what the spelling theme was, and (2) who wrote which parts:

The Lamb and the Comb

Once upon a time, there was a lamb named Cloud. Cloud was very sad, because his comb was broken and his wool was a mess. His lamb friend named Blake said if he climbed Mount Rock he would find a magical comb. So then he got his map.

Cloud realized that climbing Mount Rock would not be easy. Some of his friends would think it was dumb to try. He ate his bread and left a big mess of crumbs. He went to climb Mount Rock.

As Cloud was going to the mountain, he passed a tree with a broken limb. It looked like a bomb had exploded. Then he saw the bomb. So he took some tape and licked his thumb and got to work. Cloud was sure he could fix the limb. He wrapped the tape around and around until the limb looked like a mummy out of a tomb. But it was time to move on. It was getting cold and he was feeling all numb.

Then he noticed a tomb. So then he went into the tomb. So he went to bed. Once he woke up he realized it wasn’t a tomb. It was a shortcut to climb Mount Rock! Cloud began climbing. When he was halfway up, he reached his thumb into a hole to get a grip, and he felt something. It was the magical comb! He grabbed the comb and continued climbing. He began to notice some crumbs falling down from the top.

His foot felt all numb. So he went to bed and he discovered a piece of the limb was on his back. He woke up and then he found a magical brush!

The End

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