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Meanwhile, over at the “No Free Lunch” Counter

Thought that government-funded college education would open more doors for you? Thought you were broadening your horizons?

Think again:

The Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) has proposed recovering part of the cost of study from highly-educated women who decide not to seek paid work.

MP Sharon Dijksma, deputy chairperson of the PvdA’s parliamentary party, believes the punitive measure is needed to stimulate more women to join the workforce.

Does Socialism necessarily lead to feudalism? Well, no, but… oh, wait. You’re wondering where I came up with that feudalism reference:

The MP said a fine for non-working mothers is a logical consequence of the PvdA’s intention to introduce a ‘feudal system’, under which graduates repay money dependant on their earnings. “If someone chooses not to work, then a substantial repayment is in order,” Dijksma said.

(G)raduates repay money dependant on their earnings. Sounds a lot like “from each according to his ability.”

Well, anyway, something to think about when we’re considering the essential functions of government. If government is providing you a service, is it really free?

(Hat tip: SpunkyHomeschool)

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