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Daryl makes another friend

I hope this won’t be too complicated to write about. Try to stay with me.

It all started with Daryl Cobranchi pointing us to the blog of a 5th grade teacher, Ross, who was taking some pot shots at homeschoolers:

Now the problem here is that private schools and home school supporters (don’t even get me started on that bunch) claim higher averages on the SAT’s,…

…Parents who home school obviously have a motive. I’ve seen it myself. Whether it’s for religious reasons, personal issues, over-bearing parenting, or because that child couldn’t handle the social aspect of public education.

….How do we know that home schooled children aren’t basically being taught how to take the SAT’s?

…For someone to say that they’re going to pull their children out of school and they don’t care about others, they are socially irresponsible and show exactly what is wrong with this country.

…If you’re selfish and don’t care about anything beyond your front door, then fine, but don’t expect help when you need it either.

Read the whole thing and decide for yourself whether I’ve taken him out of context. Hard to see how.  (UPDATE:  Ross has taken down his post - sorry).
Anyway, Daryl linked to this blogger in a post titled Laugh of the Day, and summarized this way:

Worth a read to see just what kind of thinking (and I use that term very lightly) we’re protecting our kids from.

The commenters at Daryl’s blog were on this like a (insert your own colloqualism here).

And then it gets interesting. Ross is commenter 6:

I am the owner of the blog you people are mocking. I’m ashamed of you people, that’s all I’m going to say. I’ll take the high road here and not attack you, but I’m glad you people don’t have your children in public school, you people are ridiculous and childish.

[emphasis mine]

And commenter 8:

…Oh, and what would I call you if I hadn’t taken the high road? Nothing, I respect your right to home-school, I just wish you’d respect mine to try to make a difference. But that’s obviously not going to happen, and that’s the problem with you people….

[emphasis, again, mine]

And he was so mad at Daryl that he wrote him an email:

Hey, I don’t appreciate you linking to my blog. I don’t care what you think about education, or what your agenda is, my blog is personal, and shared with family and friends….

It looks like he even changed the link that Daryl first used so that it pointed to this, which was another, longer response to Daryl and his commenters (and forgive me here for the length of this excerpt):

Note to the home school blogger and the people you’re sending here:

My blog is normally read by anywhere from 3-10 people on a daily basis. These people are mostly family and friends. You want to tell me that I started conflict by posting “ignorant rants”? It’s not like I’m reaching the masses here, this is my personal blog. I’ve never gone to your blogs and attacked your ideas, but you feel the need to come here and attack mine.

This obviously makes you feel better about your petty cause (and by petty I mean that home schooling is practically inconsequential in the entire scheme of education). In fact, if you actually read my post, my “ignorant rant” wasn’t pointed directly at home schooling, it was about the value of public education, and how people want to do everything in their power to not give others equal opportunity. Of course, anything that comes along that doesn’t align with your beliefs is obviously ignorant and you feel the need to take shots at it.

Where to begin? I should really take on his arguments against homeschooling, because he thinks those are being ignored, but the meta-issue of having his blog “attacked” need to be addressed. Here are some lessons learned (OK, these are the lessons that should be learned):

1. Blogspot isn’t the place to write a “personal journal.” There are other avenues for that, like LiveJournal, which are custom-made for limited audiences.

2. If you don’t want homeschoolers to take you on, you’d be avoid phrases like “don’t get me started on that bunch,” “over-bearing parenting,” or “socially irresponsible” when referring to them. They might actually want to set the record straight. You can say that you’re not attacking and that you’re taking the high road, but that doesn’t make it so.

3. Calling Daryl a “selfish piece of s**t” is just a bad idea. Unless you want to draw even more attention to yourself.

4. If you want people to engage you cogently about homeschooling (and it’s not clear whether you do or not), make cogent arguments about homeschooling.

5 (and this one’s for everybody). There’s always a silver lining: one of the commenters on Daryl’s post, Jeanne, wrote a very eloquent thought-piece on homeschooling. If you read nothing else, go read what Jeanne had to say.

4 Responses to “Daryl makes another friend”

  1. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    Stay tuned. Possibly more excitement to come.

  2. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    My new friend sent me a couple of emails: http://cobranchi.com/?p=6324

  3. David Says:

    I guess he ignored lesson #3.

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