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“I could write a sonnet …”

Well! You haven’t really seen Easter bonnets until you’ve seen the Easter Hat Parade in the village of nearby Dillsboro. We’ve been meaning to get to the Parade for five years now, and we finally made it yesterday.

The Parade involves a bunch of antique cars, followed by entrants in the Easter Hat contest. Actually, just about anybody could join in the parade, which takes all of ten minutes, as it circles the downtown area of Dillsboro (maybe three town blocks).

Easter Hat Parade

Folks try to out-do one another with the most creative or elaborate hat designs. The wife and daughter both entered the contest (and thus marched in the parade). Both hats won prizes, as it happens. Wife won for Most Intellectual (a bunch of beanie babies on a wide-brimmed straw hat, each reading a small book). Daughter won a generic Beanie Baby Hat prize (her hat also straw, festooned with Beanies as well).

It was a fun time. But don’t take my word for it! The Asheville Citizen-Times came over and snapped a few pictures (I took the one above). You can (and should) read about the Hat Parade here (I’m especially partial to the accompanying photo on the right side of the article).

And there’s a whole “Hat Parade” gallery here. Again, some of the pictures have special significance to me.

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    Good news…

    0 and 1. Now what could be so hard about that?

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