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The Entitlement Generation: “I’m only paying for the cheese sandwich!”

It was an interesting story at the Get Schooled! blog over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A school has a unique approach to detention: it doesn’t hold detention after school, “because parents will often try to get a child excused from an afternoon detention because of a legitimate or bogus scheduling problem” (that by itself should sound a warning bell). Instead, this particular school holds its detention during lunch. The child doesn’t get to eat with classmates, and he only gets a cheese sandwich.

It’s an interesting idea, a cheese sandwich as punishment. No doubt the real punishment — as some commenters mentioned — is not getting to eat with friends. But what really got my attention was this comment from a parent:

I would be okay with it as long as I, the parent, didn’t have to pay full price lunch for just a cheese sandwich. I understand the punishment and all, but money is tight these days and I expect a full lunch for full payment.

We’re not hurting financially, so maybe I’m just not sensitive to such issues, but I’m struck that this is the first thing to occur to a parent when thinking about his child needing discipline at school. What a way to tie a school’s hands, having to wonder whether a parent would complain about being charged for a full meal when the child acts up and is disciplined.

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