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Jim West, Racism, and Homeschooling - too good for only one post

Be sure to read the post below first.

I can’t figure it out. This guy really has it in for homeschoolers. First he tries to get us to believe that Luther was a public school advocate (and I guess, therefore, an opponent of home schooling). Now he wants us to believe homeschooling has racist roots.

He has a real nasty streak in him. His potshots at homeschooling over the past week are mean-spirited and arrogant (this on a blog whose subtitle begins The humble blog of Dr. Jim West …).

Look at how he reacts to the first commenter on his Racism post. She writes:

This is not what the article says at all. It is saying that racism may have been a factor in starting some private schools in TN. Homeschooling and sending your child to a bigot-run religious school are not the same things at all.

He responds:

Did you not notice the ? at the end of the heading? … Evidently, reading is not one of the virtues practiced by the officianados of homeschooling.

Sorry, Jim. Sticking a question mark at the end of your title doesn’t remove the innuendo. Besides, the first sentence in your post is:

Ethics Daily has an interesting, historically insightful, op-ed concerning the real roots of the homeschooling movement.

You are more sure of “the real roots” than your response claims.

Dr. West goes in in his response:

Finally, I didn’t write the story so I have no idea how you can properly say that the story doesn’t say what it says. Whenever items are italicized, it indicates a quotation.

But that’s not what she said. She said that YOU have misinterpreted the editorial in your title and first line. Sheesh!

But Jim can’t get away without a parting shot in his response to the commenter:

The galling thing about the homeschooling lot is their selective reading, selective ignoring, and intentional misrepresentation of the simplest of statements.

A classic case of projection if ever I saw one. Along with yet another broad-brush statement about homeschoolers (one wonders how many he actually knows - are there any in his congregation?).

For more on intentional misrepresentation, see “Luther Twisting” below.

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