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One Year Ago Today

I started this blog on May 1, 2005. I don’t claim that it’s been earth-shattering, but at least it has kept me writing. Goodness knows I need the practice.

Thanks to folks who have stopped by, to those who have linked to me, and to anyone who has left a comment or two. It’s good to know that what I write is occasionally worthwhile (or at least noteworthy).
There will probably be some changes coming soon to Ticklish Ears due to changes in our personal situation here in Cullowhee (it’s nothing bad - I promise). I’m not quite ready to reveal all the details; I hope to be able to say more in a day or two (I know I alluded to this a few weeks ago, but the wheels of change have proceeded more slowly than I imagined they would).

Still, it’s been a great ride so far. Here’s to the start of another year of this writing adventure.

2 Responses to “One Year Ago Today”

  1. Casting Out Nines»Blog Archive » Happy Blog-Day to you Says:

    […] Today is the one-year blog-o-versary of one of my regular reads, Ticklish Ears. Go on over and congratulate David on a job well done, and stick around to read his insightful posts on higher ed, homeschooling, faith, and whatever else… er, tickles his ears. • • • […]

  2. Robert Says:

    Congratulations! Now give us all the details on these changes and so forth you’ve been mentioning.

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