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A few short notes

I had to update our 30 year high school reunion site tonight (by the way, we went with MyEvent.com), the latest in my many excuses for not posting more.  Here are some tidbits:

  • The military site formerly known as The Officers’ Club is now called Op For.  Still a great site for all things military.
  • Over at Op For, they remind us that it’s National Military Appreciation Month.  Someone should mention this to a few of our Congressmen and Senators, who can’t seem to appreciate that General Michael Hayden would be able to sort out his loyalties as Director of the CIA.
  • A promising new education blog has just popped up: k-dad.net.  I already like what I see.  I like it enough that I’m adding him to my blogroll.
  • Favorite new quote: “You’ve got to learn that life isn’t all fricaseed frogs and eel pie” (Puddleglum, discussing his chastisement by the other Marsh-wiggles, in The Silver Chair).

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