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“Colleges started competing for her to come”

So says William Taylor, father of Ashley and eight other homeschooled children, on Ashley’s popularity with college admissions offices.

From homeschooling detractors, like Dr. Jim West, we have statements like:

The homeschooled children I have known who have gone to college have, to a person, “gone wild” as soon as outside their parents control.

And yet we have this from college admissions counselors:

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase,” said Nicole Evans, associate director of admissions at Ohio Dominican University.

And the colleges are glad to admit more home-schoolers, she said.

“My experience has been that the competency of homeschool students has changed dramatically. … and the education they’re receiving at home is comparable — and in some cases better — than what they get in other educational environments,” she said. [emphasis mine]

And in case you think that they “go wild” at college after careful recruiting, Mr. Taylor (who also has a child attending Franciscan University of Steubenville) sheds a bit of light:

It’s not a surprise to see former home-schoolers do well in college, said Taylor, the home-schoolers’ father.

“It’s fun to see the honor roll lists from colleges. It’s amazing how many of those children you know started out as homeschoolers,” he said.

I’ve had minor experience with former homeschoolers in our Computer Science program. In the past three years, two have been named outstanding Senior, and one has been accepted to Florida State’s graduate program. By the way, none of them “went wild” from what I can see.

One wonders what Dr. West’s sample size is.

4 Responses to ““Colleges started competing for her to come””

  1. A disappointed professor Says:

    “Ohio Dominican University…”

    “Franciscan University of Steubenville…”

    Ummm…hello? Churchies patting the backs of other churchies, much?

  2. David Says:

    Case Western Reserve University; Kent State University; Columbus College of Art and Design.

    And my own school, Western Carolina University.

    None of those are are “churchie” schools, and I’m not even sure how “churchie” the Dominican schools are, quite honestly. Whatever “churchie” means, that is.

    That was some pretty selective reading there, DP.

  3. COD Says:

    One wonders what Dr. West’s sample size is.

    I’d go with zero. The guy is mostly speaking out of his ass.

  4. A disappointed professor Says:

    “None of those are are ‘churchie’ schools”

    I never said otherwise.

    “That was some pretty selective reading there, DP.”

    Coming from a churchie, I’ll take that as a compliment (I think…). After all, most of you people read your bibles in an *extremely* selective manner.

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