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New Directions

This is going to be a summer of change for us here at the Ticklish Ears household. I have been offered an opportunity to work for the Air Force again as a Program Manager in the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (just checked out their new web presence - very nice!). I’ll be managing a good chunk of the Air Force’s basic research portfolio in computer science. No, I won’t be putting on the uniform again - I’m going back as a civilian.

Obviously, this means we’ll be pulling up stakes and moving to the DC area, a place we figured we were done with when we moved to Cullowhee five and a half years ago. This will take place in June and July, if all goes off as planned. The house is on the market here in Cullowhee, and we’ll be making a trip to Northern Virginia in the near future to look for temporary quarters until we get ready to buy.

Why are we giving up this idyllic and slow-paced life to head back to the big, bad city? As I said recently to one of my colleauges, the reasons are a mixture of teaching burnout, a dissatisfaction with my own teaching performance over the past year or two, a strong pull to get back in the thick of things in the Department of Defense, and a desire to serve my country again. We also believe this move is, for a number of reasons, in the best interest of our daughter.

Needless to say, my blogging content may change somewhat. For one thing, we are giving serious consideration to a couple of private Christian schools. I still believe strongly in homeschooling, and I still plan to advocate passionately for a parent’s right to homeschool. But our own situation in DC may be more conducive to an alternative educational choice (and thankfully, we have the freedom to make that choice!). The topic of parenting will continue to be addressed.

I will not be blogging about what happens in my classes, since I won’t be teaching any, but I still plan to follow and comment on the trends in higher education (and education in general). This past year’s journey of significant student learning has been a great ride, and I’m not ready to disembark.

I will probably have more opportunities to write about technology, and especially to write about military applications of technology.

I may also beef up my writing on topics related to my Christian journey, and I could have more things to say about what goes on inside the beltway, given my new vantage point.

I hope you’ll stay with me as we make this transition. Homeschoolers, don’t leave me! Colleagues in academia, don’t bail out just yet. I’d like to think it’ll still be worth stopping by on occasion.

At least stick around until we’re settled in DC. I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like from a personal perspective (I’m probably deceiving myself, of course). I have no idea what it will look like from a blogging perspective.  But I’ll try to make it interesting.

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