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More Cherry-Picking by Jim West

In a post entitled, “Heinrich Bullinger: On the Necessity of Schools,” West simply provides a quote by Bullinger:

“All peoples who were not totally rude and without understanding have noticed and understood that no kingdom or government can happily be preserved without schools.”

To provide himself cover, West makes no further comment in this post, but based on his previous posts, we can take this as another slam against homeschooling and support for public schools.

Who is Bullinger, you ask? According to Brittanica, he was a 16th Century Swiss theologian.

I left the following questions at West’s blog, which (as usual) he has chosen not to post.

  • Is it possible that Bullinger meant schooling when he wrote schools? [After all, I’m guessing that Bullinger was writing in German, and we know from West himself how important it is to go to the original language*.  In any case, homeschools are schools, so I guess this could be seen as support for homeschooling!]
  • What is the overall context for Bullinger’s remarks? [This could provide answers to my first question.]
  • Did they have government-funded public schools in the 16th Century?

I generally try to approach West’s objections to homeschooling in a scholarly manner, although he only pretends to be scholarly when attacking homeschoolers.


* From West’s blog:

2- No dispute may be based upon or hearken to a translation of Scripture.

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