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It’s a woman’s right

… to not be the mother of someone with club feet!

MORE than 20 babies [in Britain, I imagine] have been aborted in advanced pregnancy because scans showed that they had club feet, a deformity readily corrected by surgery or physiotherapy.

“It was strongly suggested that we consider abortion after they found our baby had a club foot,? said David Wildgrove, 41, a computer programmer from Sheffield, whose son Alexander was born in 1996. “I was appalled. We resisted, the problem was treated and he now runs around and plays football with everyone else.?

One doctor in the north of England who did not want to be named, said a recent case in his hospital had involved the discovery of a hand missing from a foetus scanned at 20 weeks. “The father did not want the pregnancy to proceed because of his perception that the child would not be able to do all the usual things like sport,? said the doctor.

Abortion: the pathway to perfection!

(Hat tip: Jonah at The Corner)

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