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I just can’t help myself

Jim West, again. Who can figure him out? His latest is entitled: “The Homeschooler’s [sic] Are Still Angry.” And the first line of the post is:

I won’t be provinding a link to the angry homeschooler who has been sending visitors this way recently (though, thanks!).

The rest of the post is a description of someone he claims is “one of the first ‘homeschooled’ children.” The punchline:

As Bob aged he grew terribly feeble, and being rather backwards in social skills, he didn’t have many friends to tend to him. Sadly, Bob passed away, alone, in his cardboard home next to the library, in 1954. His difficult life had aged him well beyond his 31 years and most thought him to have been nearer 80 than 31.

No sources for this information. No conclusions explicitly drawn (just the implicit negative conclusions regarding homeschooling). And a glaring grammatical error in the title of his post, just for good measure. What a scholar!

Clearly, Jim is now just trying to provoke more negative responses from homeschoolers, resulting in more links to his blog, and yes, I’m obliging him). What can I say? It makes for an easy post!

I can’t figure out who the “angry homeschooler” is. I’m not so conceited as to think it’s me, but a technorati search is inconclusive. Maybe if Jim checks out my post, he’d just leave the link to the angry homeschooler here in the comments. That way, he won’t sully his own blog with such a link.

I suppose I should just leave the Jim West stuff alone. I can’t imagine anyone finds his posts on homeschooling (and other subjects) as anything but arrogant and lacking in proper reasoning, so it’s not like I’m exposing anything. Still, I’m somewhat annoyed (but not angry, mind you) that he holds himself up as a scholar when his blog treatment of homeschooling is anything but scholarly.

One Response to “I just can’t help myself”

  1. Robert Says:

    Ignore him and he will go away. I think he ust enjoys the attention. The median number of comments on his non-anti-homeschooling posts is 0, so this spouting off pompous drivel about homeschoolers is evidently the only way he can get people to pay attention.

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