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The Fighting Sioux Fight the NCAA

Southern Appeal makes us aware of the latest salvo between the University of North Dakota and the NCAA regarding the latter’s stupid Native American mascot and logo policy. Here’s a taste of the letter from the UND’s President:

We understood that our membership covenant with the NCAA meant that the NCAA would be even-handed, fundamentally fair, respectful of institutional autonomy, and that the affairs of the Association would be carried out according to the letter and the spirit of its bylaws. The generation of your nickname policy and its application has violated all of these principles. We had no reason to believe that the range of authority of the Executive Committee extended to affairs outside of athletics –especially in the casually arrogant way this has been done. We certainly do not believe that we agreed by our membership that – as a condition of full membership privileges – a small committee would have the authority to change the architecture of sports facilities that we do not even own or cause us to modify our very history. Athletic issues of even far less magnitude have been handled through legislation, not executive fiat. It appears there may be no recourse but to try to clear this up through litigation.

Sounds like they’re ready to go to court if need be.

He could have been a little easier on FSU (later in his letter), but otherwise, I really like this guy!

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