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The Nanny State: a literal party-pooper

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Get Schooled” blog, we learn that school parties in one Atlanta county have taken a major hit. The school board is banning homemade goodies, due to concerns over “food safety, food allergies and increasing vigilance over childhood obesity.”

Let’s dismiss the obesity and food safety issues first. I don’t accept that treats at school parties are a serious contributor to any “childhood obesity” problem. Anyway, this is a case where parental involvement and parent-teacher cooperation is needed. As for food safety, I can’t buy that, either. We’re talking brownies and cookies here. It’s not like kids are getting undercooked meat at their Halloween Party. Unless things are really different in Atlanta.

As for food allergies, I am not unsympathetic to the issue, having just entered the ranks of those allergic to certain foods. I know the horror stories about kids and peanut allergies. But this strikes me as a “sledgehammer/fly” solution. Again, parents and teachers could work together at the classroom level instead of having the school district dictate such draconian measures from above.

One wonders if any other solutions were considered. One also wonders what students will NOW bring to school parties. A bag of pretzels and some granola bars? Talk about your rockin’ school party!


—Update 6/15/06

Edited somewhat for clarity and so that I didn’t have to quote the entire blog post from “Get Schooled.”

I can’t get that term increasing vigilance out of my head. Where is parental responsibility in all of this?

—Update 6/17/06

Apparently, I misread the Get Schooled post.  The school board was going to vote on this issue, but ended up tabling it.  AJC story here.  My apologies.

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