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ACMS Conference

The Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) is having their Bienniel Conference next week (June 1-4) in Huntington, IN. If I weren’t tied up with Department Head duties, it would probably be a worthwhile trip. Heck, I could even stop by Franklin College near Indianapolis while I was out there to visit my new friend Robert at Bright Mystery.

Oh, well.

I don’t know much about ACMS, but it sounds on the surface like a worthwhile organization. Building one another up within the profession is a great idea. And exploring the intersection of mathematics and faith is intriguing.

They even have a Computer Science subgroup. Cool!

One Response to “ACMS Conference”

  1. Robert Says:

    Hey, thanks for the props…. although we’re not exactly close to Huntington (we’re 20 minutes south of Indy, and Huntington is about 2 hours north on I-69 near Ft. Wayne) it might be on your way.

    ACMS is a good organization and definitely worth joining. I wish I could go too, especially since it’s right in my backyard practically. But the POGIL workshop is right after that, and we’re heading down to Holiday World near Evansville that weekend for a reunion with familes we went to China with last year.

    Did you see that the creator of Perl is going to be the keynote speaker? I had no idea he was a Christian.

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