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We are here!

With the help of a lot of friends on both ends, we managed to get a good portion of our stuff up here this past weekend.  We rented a 26′ U-Haul, which I thought sure was going to be way too big, but apparently, we’re more materialistic than I feared.

Anyway, the truck was unloaded in our rented townhouse in Alexandria last night, so I’m sitting amongst lots of boxes (I had the good fortune to run into a Cox cable installer last week on an earlier trip to pick up the keys to the place, so high-speed internet is already in place).

We’ll head back soon to pick up the remainder of our stuff, and I have a brief stopover in Satellite Beach, FL, to attend my 30 year reunion, but we’ll be broadcasting full-time from the DC suburbs by the end of next week.  If I get a chance, I’ll post updates, and maybe some musings, when I get a chance.

3 Responses to “We are here!”

  1. Suzi Says:

    Congratulations on a successful move. (At least this part of it.)

  2. Robert Says:

    As you probably know from my blog, we’re moving too - although just across town - so I feel your pain/disorientation/etc. at the process. All the best to you guys as you get settled in.

  3. Joe Talerico Says:

    Glad to hear everying is moving along at your end!

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