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OK, so it’s not so grand of an opening

… but I am back. It’s been a hectic month — two 26′ UHauls full of stuff, packing and unpacking, a 30 year High School reunion in Florida, and a series of snafus at my new job that prevented me getting access to a computer for almost two weeks. Throw in some record hot temperatures in the DC area, and you can see that my life has been anything but normal. Still, things are settling down.

As for the site, I had high hopes to reveal some brand spanking new philosophy for blogging and even a new theme, but life got in the way. So, not a whole lot has changed. Obviously, my thoughts on higher education will be from an outsider’s perspective (but from one who at least has experience on the inside). Also, the homeschool content will be different, as The Princess will be attending a local Christian school this year (perhaps more on our reasons in a later post — gotta have some way to get you back here).

You may get an eyeful of our adventures in house-hunting. We are renting for a year while we look for something we can afford in the DC area. We’ve done a bit of “browsing,” and the sticker shock has already hit us.

That’s our story up to this point. I’ll try to resume a more regular schedule of posting from this point on.

2 Responses to “OK, so it’s not so grand of an opening”

  1. Robert Says:

    Welcome back, David. My RSS aggregator was happy to see you. :)

    “Something we can afford in the Dc area”… good luck with that.

  2. Suzi Says:

    Welcome back. It’s good to hear you’ll be with us regularly again.

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