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Just got back from the North Carolina Homeschool Conference (more on that in a later post). Mom and Dad kept the daughter up in Avery County, NC, near Grandfather Mountain while we attended the conference in Winston-Salem.

This morning, we decided to do the tourist thing on Grandfather before heading back to Cullowhee. Here’s a view from the top (just a tidge above one mile in elevation).

Grandfather Mountain - 1 mile up

Nice, huh?

One Response to “MountainBlogging”

  1. Robert Says:

    The Mrs. and I visited Grandfather Mountain the last time we were in NC, in 2003. I’d been to the backwoods of NC many times for hiking and camping but had never done the touristy stuff; I was impressed with how nice Grandfather was and how well they seem to have kept the “cheese factor” of a tourist destination under control.

    Now quit posting gorgeous pics of NC before I pack the whole family up and move there.

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