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Radical CS Curriculum Change at Ga Tech


The Georgia Institute of Technology is today unveiling what some experts believe is a much broader approach to the problem. The institute has abolished the core curriculum for computer science undergraduates — a series of courses in hardware and software design, electrical engineering and mathematics. These courses, in various forms, have been the backbone of the computer science curriculum not just at Georgia Tech but at most institutions. (emphasis mine)

In place of the core, a series of “threads” that students can choose form, and then a tailored curriculum based on what kind of computer scientist they want to be when they grow up.

Agile software development is a hot item these days; I guess this could be seen as “agile education.”  It’ll be interesting to watch (1) how this unfolds at Tech, and (2) how many other institutions see this as the future of CS education.

One Response to “Radical CS Curriculum Change at Ga Tech”

  1. Robert Says:

    I think this is a major direction that curricula in general — not just for CS — is now headed. We’re delivering college education now to the “culture of remix”, where personalization and flexibility are key. Unfortunately, since I work at a small college with 3 math and 2 CS professors, I don’t think we’d ever be able to pull something like this off — and so there is a kind of threat being posed to places like ours.

    I’m also not quite seeing how the Threads approach is any different than just havign 24 different tracks within your CS major.

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