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Running and Dogs

Trying to catch up on financial paperwork this evening, so I don’t have much to post. But here’s some mindless junk, some of which was inspired by my thoughts as I went for a run this afternoon.

1) As I was running, I started thinking about dogs. It might have been I heard one barking while I was trotting around the campus. Anyway, something has always bothered me (”dogged me,” you might say): what is it that distinguishes dogs from other mammals? I mean, is there some obvious feature that I’m missing? This is especially perplexing when I think about how different some dogs are from others (e.g., poodles and Newfoundlands).

2) “I’ve been working like a dog.” What’s the deal with that? I know there are working dogs, but really, the dogs I’ve been around have pretty much lived the good life.

3) When I was looking up the word on dictionary.com, I came across two uses of the term dog that have (fairly) opposite meanings. “Going to the dogs” and “Putting on the dog.” Interesting, if not very useful.

I promise I’ve got some good stuff brewing on homeschooling plans, higher ed, and even something I found on a computer science application of the Bible. But not now.

Give me a one paragraph essay on the three points above before our next class.

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