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It’s Mountain Dulcimer Week at Western, which means there are tons of dulcimer players of all sorts on campus, participating in various workshops. If you’re unfamiliar with the mountain dulcimer, it’s a stringed instrument that has its roots in the Appalachians. Here’s a nice picture that shows some typical-looking mountain dulcimers. But don’t be fooled. Dulcimers come in all shapes and sizes.

We attended the first dulcimer concert of the week tonight. Several well-known (at least well-known to other dulcimer players) dulcimer artists performed. I’m blown away by the versatility of the instrument. We heard everything from bluegrass to show tunes to Beatles music to hymns. And lots of traditional mountain tunes, of course. I’d have to say my absolute favorite was a gentleman named Don Pedi, who managed a fantastic rendition of “Jerusalem Ridge,” a lively fiddle tune. Who knew you could do such a thing on a dulcimer?

Anyway, just another taste of the mountains for us. One of the perks of living in the Southern Appalachians.

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