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It Still Fits!

I had the honor of officiating last week at the retirement of an officer who worked for me when I was still on active duty. The retirement took place at Arnold Air Force Base near Tullahoma, TN. It was a nostalgia rush getting back into the uniform after four and a half years of civilian life.

Back in uniform

It was humbling to be invited to pay tribute to this officer, who had an outstanding military career. What made it even more special was that my dad had retired at that very same base 37 years earlier. He and my mom joined us for the trip and attended the retirement, so they had their own nostalgia rush. We followed up with a mini-vacation in Nashville.

And the title is not completely honest — the jacket was a bit snug, and I had to buy a new shirt.

One Response to “It Still Fits!”

  1. DragonLady Says:

    At least a new shirt is all you had to buy. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get the pants all the way up now. (I know that was TMI)

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