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You want jargon?

This makes my point that the academics still have a long way to go.

Here’s a sample:

‘I have been out of the loop and want to touch base on whether we are in that best practice ballpark that would empower us to proactively revisit the bottom line of strategic fit, to think outside the box, ….

That’s a piece of the “winning entry” in their contest to squeeze as many “weasel words” into one sentence.

Hold the phone! Maybe the academics are catching up:

We are committed to a systematic and visible focus on continual improvement across the University …We believe the nexus between teaching and research enriches the learning experience of all our students … We value our tradition of scholarship blended with practical application through continual encouragement of sustained innovation in all we do.’
– University of New South Wales Strategic Plan 2005, which is not time-limited.

[Hat tip: Southern Appeal]

2 Responses to “You want jargon?”

  1. Robert Says:


  2. brightMystery Says:

    Because you just can’t get enough jargon in one posting

    David at Ticklish Ears isn’t impressed by the edu-jargon drinking game and proceeds to use his government and industry experience to one-up me. Warning: Could produce convulsions in those allergic to Dilbert-ese….

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