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Carnival of Education #29

The Carnival of Education is open for business at the Education Wonks, back now in California. Good stuff as usual.

Some of my favorites:

Here’s a post, from a “retired corporate weenie” who now teaches high school inspires us to think about why we are educators. As a second-career educator myself, I can relate.

The problem with being a computer science professor is that the students (and especially the majors) are more technically savvy than I am. Here’s a submission from Mike in Texas that makes me wish I was a chemistry teacher. They get to make and play with the coolest stuff, stuff that their students have probably never seen.

One of the newer contributors to the Carnival, Colossus of Rhodey, has a story you will not want to miss. Here’s a teaser: it concerns a “Positive Behavior Support” committee at a local school. Sounds positively Orwellian, doesn’t it?

Finally, EdWonk reminds us that by Mike Antonucci at the Education Intelligence Agency now has a blog: Intercepts.

Now go see what else the Carnival has for you.

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