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“I will also praise thee with the psaltery”

My new psaltery

Take a look at my new passion.

This is a 2 1/2 octave bowed psaltery. I purchased it here. I had looked at one in another store during a recent trip and decided I had to have one. I found out about Song of the Wood from my Department Head, who plays the Mountain Dulcimer. So, this weekend, while we were out and about in Asheville, we hightailed it over to Black Mountain so I could look over the collection.

The wood you see is Australian Lacewood. Very pretty. Note, too, the double rosette soundhole. The sound of this instrument is hard to describe, but it is quite haunting and sweet. The psaltery is relatively easy to play, especially if you have any familiarity with the musical scale (and maybe even if you don’t).

Sorry about the quality of the picture. I put the hymnal in the picture so that you could get a sense of how large the instrument is. I thought the hearth would make a nice rustic setting.

I’ll try to work on my digital photography skills.

One Response to ““I will also praise thee with the psaltery””

  1. Ken Says:

    The lacewood is beautiful. I have one of Jerry’s 2 1/2 octave psalterys also. They are wonderful instruments. If you get back, give a listen to his Strayaway Child Trilogy cd.


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