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About Me

I’m a program manager working for a government agency that sponsors scientific research.  That’s all I’m gonna say about my job, because I want to make it clear that   the opinions on website are mine, all mine! Nothing should be construed as official doctrine of any United States government agency.

Just previous to my current gig, I was as a computer science professor at Western Carolina University.  Before that, I spent twenty years in the Air Force as a computer programmer, educator, and research and development program manager.

I’m also the parent of a creative and strong-willed seveneight-year-old, whom I will call The Princess. My partner in this endeavor, the most patient woman in the world (fortunately for my daughter and for me), is my wife, whom I will refer to as SWMBO (”she who must be obeyed”).

Most importantly, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. My faith and my relationship with Jesus informs everything I do (well, it ought to, anyway). I hope that becomes clear as I write stuff here.

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